EnozoPRO Commercial

Designed with large, commercial spaces in mind, EnozoPRO gets you the industrial-capacity sanitizing power you need to keep your business running. Make your cleaning sustainable and ditch the synthetic chemicals, mixing, diluting and odors for a water-based sanitizing alternative that leaves behind no residues.


Ditch the harsh chemicals and clean your home with confidence. Sanitize and clean all the surfaces around your house, from your kitchen to your bathrooms to your glass, windows, and appliances. EnozoHOME is the perfect deodorizer that removes odors as opposed to covering odors up with a fake, chemical smell.


The EnozoWASH is an industrial aqueous ozone generator that adapts to fit garden hoses, backpack sprayers and other water sources. Using the EnozoWASH kills 99-99.9% of some of the most common germs and pathogens by simply pulling a trigger to deliver ozonated water on-demand. Utilizing a rechargeable battery, the EnozoWASH is rated for 7,500 total gallons of ozonated water.