Day 30 Survey

Please enter the Serial Number of your spray bottle.
The Serial Number can be found on the bottom of the bottle underneath the barcode.
How many days have you had the EnozoHome bottle?
How often do you use it each day?
When you use EnozoHome, how long do you normally use it for.
How many times do you think you have recharged the battery?
Did you feel that the battery charge lasted long enough between recharge cycles?
What type of water do you fill the EnozoHome bottle with?
Think about when you do use the EnozoHome bottle. What surfaces and areas of your house do you usually clean with the EnozoHome?
What do you think about the spray pattern and volume of water that it sprays?
Can you smell the ozone when you spray the bottle?
Was the manual easy to understand?
Did you get any abnormal behavior from the bottle or error lights?
Did you have any other problems, concerns, or disappointments with the bottle?
What is your impression of EnozoHome compared to other sanitizers?
What do you like the most about using the EnozoHome?
Do you have any other comments for Enozo including the website, customer support, marketing material etc.?

Simple To Use