About Enozo Technologies
We’re committed to protecting people from both harmful bacteria and harsh chemicals.

Since 2010, when the company first took shape as Electrolytic Ozone, Inc., Enozo Technologies, Inc. has been utilizing the best-of-the-best in science, technology and experience to change the world for the better. The mission is to develop a solution to replace toxic chemicals for sanitizing and cleaning in both industrial and home applications to revolutionize the health and safety for all. Today, Enozo Technologies, Inc. is focused on harnessing that core mission combined with the power of nature to prevent future illness and death.

In searching for a less toxic solution to combat Salmonella, E.Coli and other germs and pathogens that kill almost 3,000 people per year, aqueous ozone was the clear winner as nature’s favorite sanitizer

Our spray bottles were the first patented, hand-held, on-demand ozone-producing devices for sanitizing. Why does that matter? Because for 10 years we’ve been innovating and improving our ozone technology. Today our products are used around the world in restaurants, hotels, doctors’ offices, schools, homes and many other spaces.

Integrity First

Always be honest, ethical and real.


Always deliver best-in-class products and experience.

Nature's Ingredients

Always utilize ingredients derived from nature.

Passion for People

Always put health and safety first.

Empowering People To Sanitize Safely