What are our clients saying?

Enozo bottles are a great addition to our school district in the fight against germs. Enozo bottles also provide us piece-of-mind for the safety of our students not being exposed to harsh toxic chemical. The students refer to the Enozo Technology as “The Magic Bottle”.

Bob Reilly
Supervisor of Custodial Services & Events
Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical School District

Enozo is a fantastic product…it’s possibly a game changer in this industry replacing sanitizers, all purpose cleaners and degreasers at once with the safest liquid (drinkable water). After trial testing at our restaurant, I was convinced so we went ahead and purchased Enozo spray bottles for the kitchen and front-of-house staff. I strongly recommend this product!

Mamoru Shoda
Operations Director
Benihana UK

I love my Enozo so much! I use it all over my house and haven’t had to buy any other cleaning products in months!

Tracy Y.
Google Review

I got the PRO model. I wish someone would’ve told me about this sooner. No need for those harmful spray cleaners that smell awful and I get to help the environment in the process.

Mike C.
Google Review

No chemicals involved, just water so it’s easy-to-use…So impressed we bought another two for use in a rental property. We think it’s a no-brainer so we are buying another two for the family.

Ashley C.
Amazon Review


I came upon Enozo in 2019 and, being a pessimist, looked at the product and thought no way could this work. In Pueblo, CO, powdery mildew is one of the most common problems we deal with. It’s a non-stop fight to kill it and keep it away. Finding the right product to combat powdery mildew is a nightmare – especially given the list of acceptable products allowed that do nothing. I’ve used GreenClean in the past. In the three years of commercially growing, I’ve never had a harvest that didn’t at least slightly have powdery mildew problems. 

After taking the leap of faith and trying Enozo, I can tell you my mind was blown – not one speck of powdery mildew in the entire harvest. Not only did the plant have no powdery mildew, but we had no bug problem or infestation at all. The plant got to grow to its full potential. One of the best parts of using Enozo is being able to sell the product as the cleanest flower possible. Dispensaries and clients alike love hearing that because 99% of flower smoked is going to have some sort of combative foliar done. This is a product that will be used regularly in my grow from here on out! 

–Brandon Okman, Owner and Operator
Best Buds Botanical