The natural all-purpose,

all-places cleaner.

Enozo Spray Bottle turns tap water into ozonated water that safely kills harmful bacteria, sanitizes surfaces and freshens odors with the pull of a trigger.

Ozone is nature’s safest most powerful sanitizer


Freshen up your surfaces without using harsh chemicals. Ozone leaves behind zero residue and gets you the professional clean you want.


Ozone kills 99.9% of bacteria and is capable of preventing the regrowth of microorganisms. It’s safe to use around food, in clinical environments, and is harmless to smell and touch.


Say goodbye to unwanted odors you’re fighting. Ozone revives fabrics, is fume-free and attacks odor-causing substances.

A professional clean. No harmful chemicals.

Did you know most commercial-strength cleaners are full of harmful chemicals and toxic fumes? Even cleaners that are labeled “natural” can leave harmful residue on surfaces and emit irritants into the air. Toss the dozens of cleaners in your janitor’s closet for just one. EnozoPro can be used on nearly everything you touch.

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Ozone: Powerful by Nature

Ozone is simple, it’s nothing more than normal oxygen (O2) with an extra atom attached to it. But this simple science packs a safe, bacteria-killing punch. Ozone is one of nature’s most powerful oxidizers, meaning it can break down organic substances. It’s twice as destructive to
bacteria and works 3,000 times faster than Chlorine. And when it’s done killing the bad stuff? It turns back into air leaving nothing behind but a safe, clean surfaces.

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Your New Cleaning Solution Is Here

  • Cleaning Counters
  • Removing Pet Odors
  • Cleaning Mold
  • Sanitizing Sponges
  • Killing Food Bacteria
  • Cleaning Cutting Boards
  • Cleaning Counters
  • Removing Pet Odors
  • Cleaning Mold