protecting people, protecting the planet

KILLS 99.9% of

SARS-COV-2 surrogate

Our aqueous ozone spray bottle has achieved a 99.9% virus reduction within 30 seconds against the commercial testing surrogate for Human Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes the CoVid-19 disease). The Enozo spray bottle was tested against surrogate 229E/ATCC VR-740 on hard, non-porous surfaces using scientifically recognized testing methods.*

Is Aqueous

Ozone Safe?

Aqueous ozone is generally regarded as safe (GRAS) by the FDA and is recognized as safe and highly effective by the National Sanitation Foundation. Enozo is  Green Seal Certified. It contains no additives, fragrances or dyes and leaves no residue behind.

Aqueous Ozone


Unlike our competitors, Enozo makes aqueous ozone on-demand with just the pull of a trigger. While others tout being stabilized, this just means that ozone is made in advance of its use, which is not an efficient way to produce or use ozone.

The best of the new normal

Clean & Sanitize On-Demand

Restaurant and Food Services

  • Front-of-house; food-prep areas; dining areas; menus; drink station; surfaces and utensils
  • Produce and meat stays fresh longer; GRAS and organic food approved
  • Reduces mildew on outside surfaces

Specialty Care, Medical and Dental

  • Welcome/reception desk surfaces
  • Mobility assist rails; PT benches
  • Dining and convenience area surfaces
  • Waiting rooms and living areas
  • Patient rooms and restrooms, nurses and observation stations


  • Classroom and library desks and tables; dry erase boards
  • Shared screens and keyboards
  • Hallway walls and floors; doors, knobs and lockers; restrooms
  • Cafeteria prep and service areas; seating and tables
  • Play equipment and aquariums

Retail Stores

  • Countertops; phones and radios; welcome desks; dressing rooms; windows and display cases

Hotels, Fitness and Transit

  • Reception areas, seating, meeting rooms, conference and office areas
  • Screens and keyboards, desk phones, doorknobs, locks, windows and mirrors
  • Fitness center mats, equipment, free weights, lockers and more
  • Seats, tables, seat belts, lavatories and doors

Enozo’s Evolving the Meaning of Clean

Cleaning doesn’t mean you have to use chemicals. Use the power of nature combined with the best in technology with Enozo. Revolutionize how you clean your world for the better! Ditch the toxic chemicals for a safer way to clean, sanitize and deodorize.